The Creative Fund is a new initiative that will financially support every single Kickstarter project

The Creative Fund is a new initiative that will financially support every single Kickstarter project

A new project with the intent of backing every single Kickstarter campaign has gone live.

The Creative Fund, managed by Crowdfunding resource BackerKit, is a new initiative that will equally support new projects. Every day, the fund will pledge $1 to a new campaign. It has already invested in over 10,000 campaigns since April.

The initiative has also launched a Patreon, so people can donate and support the cause directly.

Once a day, the fund will systematically pledge at least $1 to a new Kickstarter project. Any funds donated to the Patreon pot will also be evenly distributed between creators.

“As of now, we’ve pledged at 10,000 Kickstarter projects in the past few months. Sometimes we’re the first and only pledge, and other times we’re a drop in an ocean,” says BackerKit’s Maxwell Salzberg.

“We’re not going to pretend that $1 will make any material difference to a campaign. But we’ve received so much heartfelt, appreciative feedback that just confirmed that even $1 can help inspire folks to bring amazing things into the world. And hopefully we’ll have enough folks join the cause that that $1 grows to something much more significant.”

Now you're thinking creatively

“It’s our mission to support the creative community and encourage people to follow their passions,” says The Creative Fund’s director, Rosanna Yau.

“Furthermore, we believe that there is room for the online creative economy to become more diverse and accessible to all types of creators — especially those who are just starting out. This is why we are launching The Creative Fund, which supports the entrepreneurial spirit of all independent creators, one dollar at a time.”

“The idea of pledging to literally every single Kickstarter campaign has never been done before. We know because we looked at the stats, and found that 14% of projects don’t get a single pledge. Never again!”

Check out The Creative Fund's website here


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