Fashion and lifestyle outlet Stylist abandons IGTV over poor audience figures

Fashion and lifestyle outlet Stylist abandons IGTV over poor audience figures

Female focused publisher Stylist, is looking to move over to Apple News after two months of posting on IGTV.

Stylist first started sharing content on IGTV, Instagram’s longer video sharing feature, back when it first launched in June. So far, they have released seven short videos that clock in under three minutes.

However, the views on them rarely reach 5,000, and according to the managing director at their parent company Shortlist Media, Owen Wyatt, these views are only 5 per cent of what it gains on Instagram Stories.

A fruitful move

Wyatt cites that the decision to move to Apple News is down to the unreliable nature of IGTV as an income.

“IGTV has been a similar process to every new video product development from Facebook and Instagram: Built without consideration of a revenue share ad model,” said Wyatt.

“I can’t be the only managing director getting tired of trialing products without a proper revenue share behind them. That’s why last week I pulled resource out of IGTV.”

 Stylist gets hundreds of thousands of views on Apple News, and Wyatt says it is Shortlist's biggest earner in terms of traffic. The publisher communicates with editorial and commercial leads from Apple News about where the publisher’s editorial focus matches the platform’s updates.

IGTV is still a new platform, but there are already many users who post their content there. However, monetising the platform properly could prove tricky, as not many publishers or creators want to post exclusive content for free. 

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