Facebook Messenger will give users 10 minutes to 'unsend' messages

Facebook Messenger will give users 10 minutes to 'unsend' messages

Facebook users will soon be able to 'unsend' messages. 

The platform's Messenger app will soon give users 10 minutes to delete a message before it becomes permanently etched on the internet.

The move sees Messenger follow in the footsteps of sibling app WhatsApp, which gives users an entire hour to delete their mistakes.

While the update has been detailed in the release notes for the new 191.0 version of iOS Messenger, it doesn't have an official release date, so don't go flinging out any raucous messages just yet. The recipient will also still see the message if they read it before you delete it. Your evidence can be deleted, but the shame will always remain.

In other Facebook news, the platform blocked 115 accounts this week linked to "foreign entities". The social network is taking great care to moderate accounts that could be aiming to interfere in the US midterm elections.


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