TwitchCon Europe tickets go on sale today and we still have no idea about the show

TwitchCon Europe tickets go on sale today and we still have no idea about the show

Update: Weekend tickets for the event are priced at €75, and day tickets are €40. A rough schedule of events for the weekend has been released, but no guests or companies are confirmed to appear yet.

Tickets for the inaugural TwitchCon Europe convention are due to go on sale today.

However, the company is yet to announce any details for the event, including featured guests, entertainment or even ticket prices.

The event's Twitter account tweeted that the site would be updated today, but there is currently no new information on how to acquire tickets. The event's website still only has a mailing list to sign up for incoming news. 

Last minute plans

Streamers have taken to Twitter to criticise the event, and to ask why the company has left it so late to release any details regarding the weekend, which takes place at Berlin's CityCube on April 13th - 14th.

According to several streamers, Twitch partners were also promised priority access to purchase tickets for TwitchCon Europe. However, it looks as though Twitch is yet to offer partnered creators a separate way to grab tickets.

The site's FAQ section is also quite unhelpful to those wishing to find more details about the event. There is currently no information on which creators are confirmed as guests, as well as no word on the panels and entertainment taking place. 

There's also no event schedule or confirmed ticket pricing, or information about how streamers can broadcast from the event, which is a capability that TwitchCon's flagship event has. The only solid piece of information is that the event is strictly 18+. 

Hopefully, Twitch will have some announcements to make as tickets for the event are released later today. But with less than two months between now and the event, potential attendees are going to have to organise their TwitchCon trips pretty quickly.


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