Facebook is taking steps to drive mobile game monetisation for developers

Facebook is taking steps to drive mobile game monetisation for developers

Facebook is expanding monetisation options for mobile game devs on the platform.

According to a new blog post, the number of publishers and developers using the Facebook Audience Network grew by 1.5X in the last year.

The platform is rolling out access to rewarded video for all games and gaming applications on the Audience Network, allowing more developers to monetise.

Additionally, Facebook is launching playable ads on Audience Network. The format showed up in the news feed last August but will now be available to all publishers and devs. According to FB, users who downloaded an app via a playable ad opened said app 60 per cent more often, and were six times more likely to make an in-app purchase.

Facebook also discovered though a new report that 57 per cent of mobile developers think in-app ads can improve player retention. 79 per cent said that using a combination of in-app purchases and ads is their most effective monetisation strategy. 33 per cent of devs said that using a mixture of both plus playable ads was their most successful strategy.

“Having additional placements for our playable ads now allows us to reach more highly engaged people and drive them to the Golf Clash. Since implementing new placements, we've seen a 46 per cent reduction in CPI, resulting in a 20 per cent increase in ROI," said Playdemic head of user acquisition. James Woodmansey.

Fresh metrics 

Facebook has also unveiled new metrics to go alongside its new advert options. These metrics include: instant experiences clicks to open, instant experience clicks to start, and instant experiences outbound clicks. These points will help developers improve their games by understand where they're losing users.

Additionally, Facebook is introducing zip file and vertical video support, which allow advertisers to make high-quality playable ads and easily add them into a game.

The Audience Network isn't just designed for publishers and game developers. It also helps creators and influencers monetise their content across Facebook. If these ads resonate across the gaming audience, it could be possible that they start to appear on video content and live broadcasts too.


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