Dr Disrespect apologises for bathroom broadcast via personal Twitter account

Dr Disrespect apologises for bathroom broadcast via personal Twitter account

Twitch streamer Guy Beahm, known online by his raucous persona Dr Disrespect, has apologised for a blunder at this year's E3 showcase.

During E3, Beahm hosted an IRL broadcast to the Dr Disrespect channel, in which he enters a public bathroom inside the Los Angeles Convention Centre. The video catches multiple unsuspecting individuals, including what appears to be a minor.

It's against the law to record in a bathroom in the state of California where E3 is held, and its also against Twitch's TOS to broadcast something that is considered an invasion of privacy. Beahm was temporarily suspended from Twitch following the incident, only to have his channel reinstated two weeks later.

Speaking from a personal Twitter account separate from the Dr Disrespect brand, Beahm has addressed the incident for the first time. Beahm tends to keep Doc's persona separate from his personal accounts.

"Doc is edgy, highly opinionated, cocky, etc. and that certainly adds to the difficulty in staying authentic without offending anyone on a deeper, personal level," Beahm wrote in a TwitLonger post.

"We were sort of 'all in' with the Doc livestream experience and capturing the E3 event through the character. We were so into the E3 IRL journey that we became a little blind in what's ok and what's not ok. We had no ill intentions and I feel that was pretty obvious if you watched the entire thing."

Beahm's apology seems to have been kept separate from the Dr Disrespect 'brand', hence being shared from a smaller, personal account with just 67k followers. The Dr Disrespect Twitter account has over a million followers. Presumably, it's business as usual for the streamer following this half-baked apology. 


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