Dr Disrespect is back on Twitch following two-week ban

Dr Disrespect is back on Twitch following two-week ban

To the surprise of no one, controversial streamer Guy 'Dr Disrespect' Beahm has had his Twitch channel reinstated after a temporary fortnight ban.

The streamer was banned from the platform during E3 two weeks ago, after broadcasting live from a bathroom to his channel. The video captured multiple individuals, including what appeared to be a child.

While Twitch does not have a rule against streaming in bathrooms specifically, it lists "unauthorised sharing of private information" in its community guidelines.

It's also against the law to view a bathroom via a camera in California, but it's currently unclear whether Beahm will face any criminal charges for the incident. He's also yet to address the incident directly, but did tweet a few days after stating that his director, Alex, was "fired'. 

Beahm's last stream prior to the ban happened 16 days ago. While his channel has been restored, he is yet to go live on Twitch again.

However, his chat is already buzzing with comments, and viewers are still renewing their subscriptions despite his absence.

It's fair to assume that Beahm's comeback stream will draw in a large crowd and result in some sort of financial gain for the creator despite his flagrant disregard of Twitch's terms of service and the law.


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