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What’s the biggest mobile game on YouTube? Spoiler: it’s not Clash Royale

What’s the biggest mobile game on YouTube? Spoiler: it’s not Clash Royale

If you asked someone who doesn’t play mobile games to name some mobile games, you’ll probably hear the same answers and for good reason. Candy Crush? Pokemon GO? Clash Royale?

Supercell’s tower rush title has been the most popular mobile title on YouTube for a long time, consistently surpassing every other title by a considerable margin. Think of it as the Minecraft of mobile games.

The same Minecraft that recently lost its content crown to Fortnite.

A steep decline

In June 2017, Clash Royale had over 1.2 billion views on YouTube. However, data from our partners over at Matchmade, the leading influencer martketing platform for games, has documented a steep decline for Supercell’s giant.

Between May and November 2017, views per month for Clash Royale shrank by over 88 per cent, amassing just 620 million views in November. Despite the drops, Clash Royale still remained the most popular mobile game on YouTube by a large margin.

Image: Matchmade

The title experienced a slight growth between November and December but has continued to plummet since the start of 2018.

During the first months of 2018, Clash Royale fell under another mobile game for the first time since its launch. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is now racking up more views per month on YouTube than Clash Royale. (Note view counts on YouTube depend on when the video was published - so if a video was published in February, but someone views it today, the view is counted into February.)

Last month Mobile Legends racked up 309 million views on YT, where Clash Royale peaked at 216 million. A mighty fall from grace compared to the billion views a month the title was receiving last summer.

What’s that purple line?

A game that has enjoyed a noticeable spike in YouTube content is Granny – a horror survival game from DVeloper. The company has a made a handful of horror titles, but its latest release is gaining a fair bit of traction online.

In fact, it’s an achievement in itself to be on par with a mobile giant like Clash Royale. Granny released in December 2017 and has already racked up over 10 million downloads on the Google Playstore.

That obviously pales in comparison to Clash Royale’s 100 million plus downloads, but the two titles are even competition right now.

Matchmade has also released a blog post detailing how Granny became the 2nd most popular mobile game.

Is Clash Royale dead?

Clash Royale isn’t suffering from a lack of content. The game is still updated frequently and was named fourth highest grossing mobile game worldwide in April by SuperData.

One title that may be taking eyes away from Clash Royale of late is Fortnite. The mobile port of the battle royale classic dropped last month and is further contributing to Fortnite taking over the world.

Clash Royale isn’t dead. It’s still one of the highest grossing titles, and it’s still toppling almost every other title in terms of popularity. But at two years old, its popularity is just naturally waning from its initial high and the people have moved on to battle royale now.

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