Steam aims to stamp out key-scamming with new Curator Connect feature

Steam aims to stamp out key-scamming with new Curator Connect feature

Valve has rolled out new tools for both developers and curators in an effort to cut off fraudsters fishing for game keys.

According to Kotaku, Steam's new Curator Connect went live today, and is sculpted primarily with both creators and developers in mind. The idea is to stop Steam users portraying themselves as journalists and influencers in order to claim free keys, which has been an ongoing problem for the platform.

Developers can now send game directly to curators via Steam, where they can be sure that they are reaching said person directly. Instead of sending a key to be redeemed, the offer of a game can now be simply accepted by a curator, which gives them instant access to the game. This ensures only that Steam account has access, and the key cannot be sold on.

Studios will also be able to track a curators reach and social accounts. This means developers can accurately monitor how much coverage their game is getting, and whether a curator’s audience are actually interacting. Steam has also implemented a tagging system, which enables studios to find and target influencers that are covering games similar to their own.

Steam Curators now have the option to customise their pages, as well as embed videos on to their profiles. They’ll also be able to access data on what their audience is buying, to see if their influence actually has any impact on those following them.



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