Twitch streamer in trouble after she 'joked' about killing a dog

Twitch streamer in trouble after she 'joked' about killing a dog

A streamer has been roundly attacked by the Twitch community after claiming to have intentionally killed a dog when working at a veterinary clinic.

Polygon reports that Simone Scott, who goes by the name Aqualadora on Twitch, was guest starring on a stream hosted by popular figure RajjPatel.

When asked what the worst thing she ever did was, she replied: “I used to work as a veterinary technician and I once killed someone’s dog on purpose. No one knew because, you know, professional ... I mean, it was a really bad person.”

She then, after adding that “the dog was pretty shitty too”, urged Patel to move onto another subject.

Patel later put out a statement saying he condemned the mistreatment of animals, adding that Scott “was removed [from my stream] as a result and will never be welcome on my platform again”.

As news of the confession spread, calls for Scott to be banned intensified – as did the toxic behaviour of users on her channel, which included attempted doxxing attempts.

Muddy Waters

Whether Scott’s comments represent a breach of Twitch policy can de debated. Admitting to a crime could potentially lead to a ban, and a possible police investigation. But the issue is complicated by the fact that she did not do it on her own channel and she did not incite bad behaviour from others.

Scott went on to claim that she made the comments in an attempt to “troll” viewers. Even if this were true it may not necessarily protect her Twitch channel, especially as Twitch streamers can now be reported for behaviour and conduct off-stream and on other social media platforms.

There is also the issue of the behaviour of Twitch users in Scott’s channel. Regardless of her alleged offence, it is not okay for threats to be made against her. And certainly, one must question whether the reaction would have been as vitriolic were Scott a white male as opposed to a black female.



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