Twitch suspends Counter Strike commentator after racist comments

Twitch suspends Counter Strike commentator after racist comments

Yet another streaming games figure has been suspended after blurting racist words on air.

Matthew ‘Sadokist’ Trivett, who is a popular commentator on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, has seen his Twitch channel suspended. This follows his use of racist terminology on a birthday stream he was holding.

In the same stream Trivett also told one community member to “go f*** yourself” and encouraged them to hang themselves.

Trivett has often flirted with the boundaries of acceptability. Many of his friends and supporters have now come out and argued that while the language used was unacceptable, Trivett is not a racist. However, this sentiment is far outweighed by those who feel this has been a long time coming and that Trivett is a toxic influence on the scene.

What on earth are these people doing?

“The other night I spoke out of turn, and out of character. I was someone that I do not approve of, and someone that I do not recognise,” he has since said in a statement. “I have betrayed myself, and I am disgusted, disappointed, and in disbelief at my own actions. I was angered by what I saw when I watched the clips myself.

“There are no excuses for what I said. Racism of any variety is absolutely despicable, and unacceptable. While I appreciate people trying to play down the situation, there are no grounds to do so... Esports as an entity does not stand for hate speech, nor is it tolerant of racial and/or violence within its community. I have misrepresented us all, and as a figurehead in our community I have let us down.

“The internet can be a hard and hostile place, often devoid of the appropriate consequences for our actions and words due to the supposed anonymity and impersonalization of its nature. I have said before that the best thing about the internet is that everyone has a voice, and the worst thing about the internet, is that everyone has a voice… It’s time we all use our voices more responsibly.”

Trivett added that “as of now, it is unclear what comes next”.

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