Creators on YouTube will soon be able to switch on non-skippable ads

Creators on YouTube will soon be able to switch on non-skippable ads

Isn't it great when you're immersed in a video and a random ad starts yelling at you? No, not really.

YouTube has revealed that creators with video monetisation enabled on their channel will have the option to activate unskippable adverts on their videos.

A video uploaded to the YouTube-owned Creator Insider channel covers it in detail. 

A number of replies on the original video stated that the addition of unskippable adverts could drive audiences away from channels. There is a concern that viewers could click off the videos before an advert concludes, removing the chance of them getting any ad revenue.

Talking about this upcoming change, YouTube discussed that more money could be made through the implementation of the unskippable adverts. As for the adverts in question, advertisers would increase the money they pay for them.

One person replied to the video with a number of suggestions, saying: "let me choose which portions of a video I’m ok with non-skippable ads (like say ads before the video and after the video) and let me choose which portion of my videos I want to be only skippable ads (like mid-roll ads).”

A number of users on the platform who create content have expressed that they are up to to giving the new form of adverts a chance, however they have stated they would like this move more of their was a higher level of customisation.

This new feature is going to slowly begin to be launched from next week.

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