YouTube reveals ads that let you make external purchases without leaving

YouTube reveals ads that let you make external purchases without leaving

YouTube will soon have ads that lets users make purchases without being redirected to an external site.

The company announced its new "ad extensions for video" tools at the Advertising Week conference. This new type of advert will allow users to buy products without leaving the content they're watching. 

YouTube used cinema tickets as a demonstration of the ads in action. If an advert for an upcoming movie pops up, users then have the ability to see local viewing times and buy tickets directly from the ad shown.

Increased sales

YouTube VP of product management Vishal Sharma explained that this type of advertising is designed to make videos more "actionable". The reduction of steps between advert and sale should result in more definite sales for an advertiser.

The platform has also partnered with data and analytics firm IRi in order to refine campaign measurement. Following on from that, YouTube has also introduced two new metrics: lifted users and cost-per-listed-user.

Lifted users will measure how many users were influenced by an ad, and cost-per-lifted users can help brands understand the costs that come with attracting more users.

Image: Google blog


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