Fanbytes unveils AR lens distribution platform for brands

Fanbytes unveils AR lens distribution platform for brands

Influencer marketing fim Fanbytes has launched Fanbytes AR - a platform designed to help companies share AR lenses with consumers.

Snapchat lenses are essentially augmented reality filters, such as a the popular 'dog filter'. The feature quickly spread from Snapchat over to other social platforms like Instagram and Facebook Messenger.

Fanbytes AR will give companies the ability to create and distribute their own lenses directly through Snapchat. While Snapchat's Lens Studios allows brands to do this already, Fanbyes has said that many don't actually know how to make and market a lens.

Target practice 

While the company is largely focused on creating lens for music brands such as Warner, Deezer and Universal, the work doesn't halt there.

Snapchat had had a rough year but its userbase still sits at 188 million. Not only that, but its prime real estate for companies looking to target young people.

“It’s no secret that Snapchat is a very young platform. If you want to create something which could be engaged with then it’s got to come from a younger audience,” Fanbytes CEO Timothy Arnoo said.

“It seems counter-intuitive to get someone who is not part of the audience you’re trying to target to create content. It can result in companies creating tone-deaf content which actually does more harm than good.”

Influencer marketing university

For more insight in to using Snapchat as an influencer marketing tool, check out our influencer marketing university course in collaboration with Fanbytes.

In the course, we take a look at how marketers can effectively use he Snapchat app to promote their brands. We'll also be highlighting how to use memes, tap in to culture and how to use content creators to drive installs.

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