Ninja is hosting a New Year's Eve stream live from Times Square

Ninja is hosting a New Year's Eve stream live from Times Square

Stuck for New Year's Eve plans? Don't worry about it. Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins is hosting his very own festive livestream.

Blevins revealed the plans during a panel at TwitchCon this weekend. While the details of the event are unclear, it'll reportedly run for 12 hours from 31st December at 4pm through to 4am, seeing in the new year. 

It won't just be the blue-haired streamer either; it's thought that Blevins will have a bunch of his gaming pals along to join in the fun.

"New Year’s Eve, staying up until Midnight was one of my favorite things as a kid,” Blevins said during the panel.

“I felt like there wasn't anything for gamers. I didn’t watch the ball drop when I turned 17, 18 years old, I just gamed all night, but there was never a main massive event where gamers on Twitch could come together.”

No other information has been revealed just yet, but the potential scope of the event highlights just how influential he's been in 2018.

Twitch also shared the news on their Twitter account.


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