YouTube’s games-focused content racks up over 50 billion hours in 2018

YouTube’s games-focused content racks up over 50 billion hours in 2018

People spent over 50 billion hours between them watching games-related content on YouTube in 2018.

Talking to Venture Beat, YouTube global head of gaming and VR Ryan Wyatt also confirmed that 200 million users logged-in to view that content every day.

Wyatt then reflected that the team behind YouTube’s games-focused content was happy with how the year went and that it was working on even more products to help the scenes content creators.

“We recently did a fun partnership with Supercell around account linking that was met with high regard in the Clash Royale community,” said Wyatt.

“We’re excited about the platform and the growth and the experience in the gaming community. Creators continue to flourish.

“All these new games have sprung up over the past year, especially Fortnite.”

Victory Royale

When questioned over YouTube’s back and forth with its content creators over monetisation, Wyatt explained that while he considered the matter to be solved that YouTube would continue to try and improve on monetisation options.

“We had to go through a lot in the last year, and we feel like we’ve come out the other end of that,” said Wyatt.

“Creators are monetising better than they ever have on the platform. We’ve released a lot of other products for them to rely on — not just ad monetisation, but alternative monetisation products.

“Again, we’re still going to keep improving and introducing new options.”

Peace among clans

Looking to 2019 and beyond, Wyatt also explained that YouTube Gaming was figuring out how it could add more meaningful product integration with games publishers.

“What we most recently launched with Supercell around account linking in Clash Royale was just one part of what we want to do,” Said Wyatt.

“Another area you can expect–we’ll continue to innovate on alternative monetisation products so that our creators can make more money in more ways.

“There’s a lot you can expect from us in 2019, but those are two specific areas where we’re going to continue to focus and innovate.”

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