Twitter now lets you choose between a chronological or algorithmic feed

Twitter now lets you choose between a chronological or algorithmic feed

Twitter now gives users the option to toggle what they'll see first when they open the app.

The platform's tweet feed can now be organised two ways - users can choose to see tweets in chronological order as they appear, or an algorithmic feed based on what Twitter wants users to see.

This new option is a smart move for Twitter users who want to keep up with news and breaking trends, instead of seeing follower updates in real time. It also ensures popular tweets aren't lost to the fast-moving feed.

The 'Top Tweet's option is enabled by default and can be flicked on and off with a "sparkle switch" located in the top right corner of the app. 

Feed freedom

"For those who just want to see the latest Tweets, we hear you. We’ve designed this to make seeing Latest Tweets easy, and we will continue to iterate and learn based on how it’s working for you," Twitter VP of Product Keith Coleman tweeted yesterday.

"We also know that people sometimes wonder how algorithms affect what they see in the apps they use. We’re hoping this change makes it clear. You can flip back and forth to see your timeline with and without the technology we use to rank Tweets."

Twitter began to trial this method a few weeks ago and has now rolled it out across all iOS devices. Android users can expect to see the update in January.


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