Hbomberguy stream raises $265,000 for transgender charity Mermaids

Hbomberguy stream raises $265,000 for transgender charity Mermaids

A streamer has raised over $265k for UK charity Mermaids.

Mermaids is a charity supporting transgender children and teenagers. Recently, the group was awarded a fund from the National Lottery but was criticized by comedy writer Graham Linehan, creator of Father Ted.

He urged people to oppose the charity and described the group as "only around to push an extreme ideological agenda". But in spite of this, support for the charity came from a different source in the form of Harry Brewis, known as Hbomberguy on YouTube and Twitch.

Now he's finally here

Brewis hosted a stream of him playing Donkey Kong in order to raise money for Mermaids. Harry has a large following of over 300,000 on YouTube and was able to raise more than $265,000 over the span of 40 hours.

Harry made a YouTube video commenting on the charity and his stream stating: “I chose to support [Mermaids] because as a person living in Britain, I find the media discussion around this issue to be woefully misinformed, and I’d like to do my bit to help support the people who do the hard work of contributing to people’s thinking on an issue,"

"I chose Mermaids specifically, because when they were designated some funding via the National Lottery, Graham Linehan, a comedy writer who did some work on a good show 20 years ago, a very normal man who is very angry about trans people all day nowadays, went on Mumsnet and told them to email the National Lottery en masse.”

The Mermaids twitter account officially thanked Harry for his support and urged people to check out his stream.

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