Facebook Watch failed to take off, but its creators are still experiencing success

Facebook Watch failed to take off, but its creators are still experiencing success

Nearly a year ago, Facebook’s new video service was being primed to be the next big thing.

Since then, however, Facebook Watch hasn't taken off as much as its creators wish it could’ve. However, that doesn't mean they didn’t find success elsewhere outside of Facebook.

In a report done by Mashable, the outlet spoke to a number of creators who made content on Facebook Watch and got an idea of where they migrated too afterwards.

While some continued their endeaveours on places like YouTube, some still managed to generate an audience through Facebook Watch, citing a very specific kind of audience that is loyal to the platform.

In the article, Facebook Watch creator Ami McClure discussed her experience, saying: “Watch is definitely more of a family content friendly platform. Maybe it just speaks to the audience overall on Facebook… It's more moms and grandmothers.”

Platform evolution

Changes to the platform throughout 2018 have also influenced how creators post their content, as well as how many people tune in.

Facebook at one point started prioritising longer videos, effectively forcing most creators to make and post long-form content more often. But the most important aspect that has affected the platform is the overall lack of awareness for users.

While speaking with Mashable, content creator Jay Shetty spoke about the trouble Facebook Watch has had over time: “I think people are still not fully aware that it [Watch] existed. Slowly people are getting used to it. But I definitely think that a majority of people are watching in the newsfeed.”

Monetisation is also a sore point for creators, as it is on many other platforms. Shetty monetises through Watch, which has a 55 per cent revenue split for creators. Facebook takes the other 45 per cent. While many videos can rack up millions of views, creators often make but a fraction of what their content could make elsewhere.

Sadly, people online and companies are just not yet seeing Facebook Watch as a video destination more viable than YouTube. Facebook continues to move forward with Watch, 

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