Twitter reveals new camera features and changes to how conversations are displayed

Twitter reveals new camera features and changes to how conversations are displayed

Twitter is hinting at some new upgrades that could be coming to the platform.

Some of these updates include features that will enhance pictures and videos shared on the smartphone app and much more.

Much of this is following through with Twitter’s goal to promote “healthy conversation” across the platform. The company gave its first look at a new prototype for the Twitter app for smartphones, which is being dubbed “twttr”.

The new app offers many changes on how the platform looks and operates overall. Conversations are going to look a bit different and replies will be colour-coded.

New pastures

“We’ve really intentionally tried to make the images and footage that are captured on the ground at an event look different than other images and videos that you might attach to a tweet," Twitter’s head of consumer product Keith Coleman

A public beta test is now available to the public, but it’s still possible that not all the features will be implemented into the core Twitter experience. The prototype also makes changes to where the engagement counts for tweets and replies are located, putting them behind a tap on the app.

“We’re also actually working on changing the product and changing the policies to improve the health of the conversations,” Coleman added,

The changes have taken about a year to get right before they can be tested in a public beta. Most of this will help to make the platform a bit more focused on camera use. A variety of options, such as colours, overlays and location tags can be selected when opening up the camera within the app.

Coleman also added, “it knows where you are and what’s going on around you… So if you’re at SXSW, it knows that, and it will suggest you add the SXSW hashtag.”

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