Research shows how much influencers are paid per post, and how many care about disclosing it

Research shows how much influencers are paid per post, and how many care about disclosing it

A new study conducted by Vuelio has revealed how much some influencers are paid per post.

The survey was done back in November 2018, and found that around £250 ($300) is what influencers charge for posting about something on their social media.

It also found that influencers charge more on average for collaborations than individual posts. The data gathered shows a spike in the proportion of influencers who use their outlets (blogs, profiles, ect.) as their main source of income.

Some influencers cited in the survey reportedly are able to charge upwards as much as £501 ($600) and £1,000 ($1300). The survey also points out a decline in fashion & beauty blogging, with the proportion of blogs dropping down from 22 per cent in 2016 to just 8 per cent in 2018.

“The rise of Instagram is probably a factor as these visual-friendly topics have found natural homes on the social platform without the need to have their own blogs,” the report said.


Vuelio’s report goes on to cite five “supersectors” which covers lifestyle, parenting, food/drink, and travel blogs. Each of these categories has seen various increases and decreases over the last two years.

“The supersectors receive more PR pitches for stories than any other category, suggesting they’re key to the growth of influencer marketing, which is already considered to be worth anywhere from $2bn to $10bn," the report added.

"This is reflected in charges for blog posts – fashion & beauty and food & drink have the biggest proportion of bloggers who charge over £1,000 ($1300) per blog post.”

Disclosure and advertising 

A significant proportion of the surveyed bloggers believe that advertiser's needs will influence content. 24 per cent of respondents supported that point.

Additionally, 88 per cent of respondents cited disclosure as an important factor, but that still leaves a number of influencers that don't actively focus on disclosure.

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