Facebook aims to minimise abuse by restricting who can livestream

Facebook aims to minimise abuse by restricting who can livestream

Facebook announced on Tuesday that it was going to restrict who can livestream on its platform.

The has company stated it will implement a “one-strike” policy that would ban users who abuse Facebook’s community guidelines.

The strike will apply to all content posted to Facebook, and not just live broadcasts. It is thought that a 'one strike and you're out' policy will discourage users from abusing the guidelines.

This move comes after the tragedy that unfolded in New Zealand a few months prior, where a gunman fired on innocent people while livestreaming to Facebook. The platform was criticised heavily for not responding to the event fast enough.

Pulling the plug

 “Our goal is to minimize risk of abuse on Live while enabling people to use Live in a positive way every day," Facebook vice president of integrity Guy Rosen stated in a blog post.

"Following the horrific terrorist attacks in New Zealand, we’ve been reviewing what more we can do to limit our services from being used to cause harm or spread hate.”

Facebook is making slow moves towards improving safety and privacy on its flagship platform. Recently, it banned a handful of controversial figures from sharing their views, and the company is also upping wages for workers that have to sift through the potentially offensive or upsetting content.

Facebook hopes that these same rules will eventually apply to other parts of the platform as well. The company also hopes to work on the platform’s 'image and video analysis technology' by partnering with more researchers and universities.

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