Fortnite World Cup hands out $30 million in prize money

Fortnite World Cup hands out $30 million in prize money

Epic Games’ Battle Royale behemoth Fortnite saw its first World Cup conclude this weekend, handing out $30 million in prize money.

Initially announced in June 2018, qualifiers for the competition began months ago, with 10 weeks of open qualifiers attracting more than 40 million players. Epic Games’ $30 million prize fund is the largest ever seen for an esports event.

The biggest winner of the tournament was Bugha, real name Kyle Giersdorf, a 16-year-old from America. He won $3 million after beating 99 other players in the solo competition to become the inaugural Fortnite World Cup champion.

British teenager Jaden Ashman brought home $1 million after winning $2.25 million with his Dutch partner Dave Jong, finishing second in the duo’s competition on Saturday.

Fortnite's first World Cup was not without its controversy, as a known cheater of Fortnite qualified for the competition. Despite a 14 day ban, player XXiF was still allowed to compete, much to the anger of fans.

XXiF and his partner Ronaldo, also a known cheater were booed profusely throughout the tournament, only receiving cheers upon elimination.

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