Influencers invited to Parliament to discuss body image and social media

Influencers invited to Parliament to discuss body image and social media

Content creators from across the UK went to the Houses of Parliament to discuss body image last week.

Luke Cutforth, Em Ford, Katie Snooks, Michelle Elman and Milly Smith were among the full list of attendees who visited parliament to discuss body image and how youth are affected through social media.

During their visit, the creators discussed body image and its representation in modern online culture.

In a post shared to the British government website, Elysia McCaffrey from the Government Equalities Office stated: “today, from a very young age, our children are bombarded with images from all directions and this continues throughout our lives.

“That is why we have invited a number of bloggers and other key influencers to come and talk with each other and Government Equalities Office officials to help us understand their experiences and thoughts on the issue.

“We’ll use the views we get from these discussions, along with the findings of the research to inform a future Government campaign on body image and the work we do to support people around the wider impact of body dissatisfaction.”

The discussion will be used for research into body image issues, and will be used as a result to lead a governmental campaign in the future.

Continued on the post, it states that 12.5 per cent of adults have felt anxious or depressed regarding their body in the last year. It also stated that 70 per cent of adolescent girls and 45 per cent of boys have wanted to change their body figure or weight.

“Everybody must continue to challenge these images and the importance placed on them. We must all champion positive body image, empowering people to focus on their achievements, not their appearance.”

Image: @Womenequalities / Twitter

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