Facebook is creating a close friends feature, similar to Instagram

Facebook is creating a close friends feature, similar to Instagram

Facebook appears to be working on a new feature that will let users create a 'close friend' group. 

It's a feature that was introduced to Facebook's sister brand Instagram last year. The 'close friends' tab allows users to separate their real friends, family and mutual followers from the pools of digital stragglers. 

On Facebook, this feature will be called 'Favourites'. Users will be able to create a curated group of Facebook friends to share content with, separate from the main feed.

It was discovered by app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, who shared her findings with Twitter. Manchun Wong has made a number of app development discoveries, the most notable of late being Instagram's plan to hide likes

Know your role

Facebook already has a feature that lets users choose who they share content with. They can create family groups, selected friends, and filter out certain posts from select people. However, the 'Favourites' feature looks to be offering a simpler solution where friends can be added in and out with ease.

However, the feature is still in its early infancy and isn't being tested internally yet according to The Verge. Favourites is not a confirmed update from Facebook, therefore it may be a while until consumers see it in the public build, if at all. However, Manchun Wong's discoveries have a history of leading to official announcements, so users that want this feature may be in luck,


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