New 'mobile-first' streaming app Quibi launches in US

New 'mobile-first' streaming app Quibi launches in US

Quibi, a new 'mobile-first' streaming app, has launched in the US today. 

The app went live with a host of 50 shows made specifically for it. Quibi has also tapped into some top talent for the shows, including Sophie Turner, Sasha Velour and Queen Latifah.

Quibi is led and funded by Disney veteran Jeffrey Katzenberg and Meg Whitman, CEO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise. The $1.8 billion project has been in funding mode for almost two years, according to the NY Times. Whitman is also serving as Quibi's CEO. 

Unlike other platforms on the streaming market, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+, Quibi aims to deliver fast, digestible content designed to be watched on a smartphone. Quibi is actually a portmanteau of 'quick bites'.

All of the shows on Quibi are short - no longer than ten minutes per episode. In this case, 'mobile-first' means 'mobile-only' and so the content is designed to be digested on the move. The app has two subscription tiers, one with adverts ($4.99), and a higher tier without ads ($7.99).

Honey, I shrunk the content

"We’re not shrinking TV on phones, we’re creating something new," Whitman said.

"The very first entertainment technology platform optimised for mobile viewing, with quick bite content created by Hollywood’s top talent."

While there's certainly a newfound demand for quality streaming services, it's unclear as to whether a mobile-only platform will resonate, both with viewers and with show makers. Martin Scorcese doesn't want you watching his movies on a small screen, and he's probably not alone in that sentiment. 

Quibi does not have a UK release date as of yet. 


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