Esports creative marketing agency Hotdrop launches

Esports creative marketing agency Hotdrop launches

A new creative marketing agency has launched to aid professionals looking to thrive inside in the ever-evolving esports industry.

Hotdrop, founded by ex-ESL marketing director Heather Dower, will provide an extensive range of creative and marketing services to brands, publishers, event organisers and more.

The team is comprised of broadcasters, videographers, designers and marketers who share over 25 years of experience working in the esports realm, as well as sports, retail and technology spheres.

"Ever since being involved in the space, I’ve always aimed to combine my passion for content creation, gaming and esports," said Dower.

"The same passion is shared by our incredibly talented team, pushing innovation and creating narrative for the fans. Founding Hotdrop has given us the opportunity to show the world of esports what we are made of and I am so excited to see what we build in the years to come."

Hotdrop has been operating since January and was swift to begin providing services to events, including ESL's Rainbow Six Siege Premiership season. The company is also looking to work with government-funded VR/esports organisation Weavr Consortium.


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