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YouTube's Top 10 fastest growing Bronze channels

YouTube's Top 10 fastest growing Bronze channels

Rapid growth is happening all across YouTube and it’s important to watch the creators that are rising in all of the platform’s sub sections.

Our partners at Matchmade have tracked the channels that have experienced the most growth between September to November 2017.

This is the pick of the bunch among YouTube Gaming's 'bronze' category, which covers channels from 10,000 to 100,000 subscribers.

There’s a possibility that you haven’t heard of any of them, but with growth like this, it’s fair to assume that this lot are the YouTube micro-influencers you could be hearing plenty of in future.

The fastest growing channels in Q3, between 10,000 and 100k subscribers

Our thoughts

Despite various problems this year, YouTube is still a lucrative platform. Despite its issues, 2017 has seen creators rise rapidly and enjoy success with their content, with some of them doubling and even tripling their audience in a matter of months. 

So, who are these influencers that are rising rapidly through the ranks? has got you covered.

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