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YouTube's Top 10 fastest growing Gold channels

YouTube's Top 10 fastest growing Gold channels

Rapid growth is happening all across YouTube and it’s important to watch the creators that are rising in all of the platform’s sub sections.

Our partners at Matchmade have tracked the channels that have experienced the most growth between September to November 2017.

We've already tracked 10 channels in YouTube's Bronze category and the Silver category, and this week the ones to watch are among YouTube Gaming's 'Gold' category, which covers channels from one million+ subscribers.

These are some of the hottest YouTube creators around right now, so big that you may just have heard of a few of these trendsetters.

The fastest growing channels between September and November with more than one million subscribers

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  • 1 ElTrollino

    ElTrollino logo

    Channel: YouTube
    Social: Twitter
    Country: Spain

    Described as 'Minecraft with a lot of humor', ElTrollino is a fast growing channel still riding the Minecraft wave, and for good reason. The channel hit a million subscribers in September, and has garned an additional 300k since. While a recent Matchmade study suggested Minecraft may be experiencing decline on YouTube, those who cover it are still very much flourishing. 

  • 2 Massi

    Massi logo

    Channel: YouTube
    Social: Twitter
    Country: Spain

    Similar to ElTrollino, Massi is another swift rising, Spanish channel revolving around Minecraft. It's very likely that these channels are growing within the same demographic. Massi hit 1.1m subscribers in September, and is now halfway to 2 million after a couple of months. 


  • 3 KieferMC - Todo Sobre Minecraft

    KieferMC - Todo Sobre Minecraft logo

    Channel: YouTube
    Social: Twitter
    Country: Venezuela 

    Yet another channel dominating it's audience with regular, entertaining Minecraft videos, presumably rising in the same tide as the two Spanish channels above. KieferMC hit 1.4m subscribers in September, and is now sitting around the 1.6m mark. This channel has a bigger audience than the aformentioned, but is also growing slower. Still, an impressive feat!

  • 4 Well Played - Clash Royale

    Well Played - Clash Royale logo

    Channel: YouTube
    Social: Twitter
    Country: Brazil

    Clash Royale is essentially the mobile equivalent of Minecraft right now (glossing over Minecraft mobile...) and so Well Played - Clash Royale has enjoyed a reasonable rise over Q3. The channel hit a million subs in September and has amassed another 200k since, making it the fastest growing gold tier channel that doesn't just cover Minecraft.

  • 5 Portuga PC

    Portuga PC logo

    Channel: YouTube
    Social: Twitter
    Country: Brazil

    Portuga PC is a light-hearted gaming and vlogging channel, that regularly uploads entertaining gameplay, vlogs and challenge videos. The channel hit a whopping 3 million subs in September, and has now surpassed 3.4m, almost halfway to gaining another mil in just two months, which is impressive. It's also the second largest channel on this list!

  • 6 Cronosplays

    Cronosplays logo

    Channel: YouTube
    Social: Twitter
    Country: Brazil

    At 3.2 million subscribers at the time of writing, Cronosplays is one of the biggest gaming channels targeted at the kids market. The channel focuses on the biggest childrens games like Minecraft and Roblox, but also dabbles in other titles.

  • 7 SMG4

    SMG4 logo

    Channel: YouTube
    Social: Twitter
    Country: Australia

    “I make stupid Mario animations.”

    That’s the description of a channel that has racked up more than 1.6 million subscribers to date, steadily adding tens of thousands more viewers over the past few months. Producing fresh content each week, the bizarre videos are each pulling in millions of viewers on a regular basis.

  • 8 Rovi23

    Rovi23 logo

    Channel: YouTube
    Social: Twitter Rovi23 / byMel 
    Country: Spain

    Rovi23 and byMel have together attracted a subscriber base of more than 1.7 million subscribers through daily videos on hit games like Minecraft, Roblox, Clash Royale and other funny videos. The channel regularly clocking up tens of thousands of views per video and to date has generated over 521 million views in total.

  • 9 Aaron Esser

    Aaron Esser logo

    Channel: YouTube
    Social: Facebook
    Country: Canada

    So what is ‘the professional nerf noob’, as self-described by Aaron Esser. Well, it’s a channel that has racked up more than 1.1 million subscribers through the Elite Nerf Series and Nerf meets Call of Duty: First Person Shooters. And it’s exactly that, a series of videos set in the real world that enacts dramatic scenes, but with nerf guns instead of real weapons.

    The channel also delves into new nerf mods, arsenal updates, and also posts gaming videos.

  • 10 UnspeakableGaming

    UnspeakableGaming logo

    Channel: YouTube
    Social: Twitter
    Country: US

    There are a lot of channels dedicated to Minecraft on YouTube. A lot. But UnspeakableGaming has managed to break through the noise and rack up 3.7 million subscribers through videos dedicated to challenges, role plays, custom maps and a range of other creative videos. The channel has crossed one billion views and has grown its subscriber base in the hundreds of thousands since September.



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