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YouTube's Top 10 fastest growing Silver channels

YouTube's Top 10 fastest growing Silver channels

Rapid growth is happening all across YouTube and it’s important to watch the creators that are rising in all of the platform’s sub sections.

Our partners at Matchmade have tracked the channels that have experienced the most growth between September to November 2017.

We've already tracked 10 channels in YouTube's Bronze category, and this week the ones to watch are among YouTube Gaming's 'silver' category, which covers channels from 100,000 to one million subscribers.

These are some of the hottest YouTube creators around right now that are well on their way to hitting that sweet one million subs mark and beyond, and could be on your radar sooner than you think.

The fastest growing channels in Q3, between 100k and one million subscribers

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  • 1 Kamikat

    Kamikat logo

    Channel: YouTube
    Social: Twitter
    Country: Brazil

    You may have heard of League of Legends (it’s one of the biggest games on the planet). It’s one of the few games that can attract as many viewers as the biggest sports in the world, including even the Super Bowl. One professional League of Legends player has set up his own channel, regularly posting gameplay videos reviews and vlogs round his routine as an eSports competitor. Between September and November, Kamikat’s subscriber base grew by nearly 100,000 users, and currently sits close to 230,000.

  • 2 보겸 TV

    보겸 TV logo

    Channel: YouTube
    Social: Facebook
    Country: South Korea

    If there’s one thing the internet likes, it’s funny videos. Cats, and funny videos. Well this YouTuber from South Korea is becoming increasingly popular for the latter and is heading straight for one million subscribers. An impressive feat on its own, it’s all the more remarkable when you consider that at the start of September the channel had just over 600,000 subscribers. That’s some growth, and it looks set to continue that way.

  • 3 Ma Gamerz

    Ma Gamerz logo

    Channel: YouTube
    Social: Facebook
    Country: Indonesia

    Ma Gamerz likes to play games, lots of games, with a particular focus on mobile. Whether its playing Clash of Clans, Mobile Legends or Grand Theft Auto, Ma Gamerz’s army of fans are always tuning in. The channel had roughly 330,000 subscribers at the start of September, and now has over 450,000 subs, making Ma Gamzers one of the fastest growing mid-sized YouTubers out there.

  • 4 CoreshAndShkolotaVEV

    CoreshAndShkolotaVEV logo

    Social: N/A
    Country: Russia 

    Another Minecraft channel proving to be one of the fastest growing mid-sized YouTube channels, CoreshAndShkolotaVEV has created numerous videos around the hit game, racking up 29 million views. Claiming around 160,000 subscribers in September, the channel has since grown to 246,000.

  • 5 MCPE Journalist

    MCPE Journalist logo

    Social: Twitter
    Country: Netherlands

    MCPEJournalist is a channel all about Minecraft. It makes family-friendly videos on Minecraft across all platforms, teaching players how to do various things in the game. MCPE rose from 157,000 subs in September to 246,000 in November, well on their way to that 250k mark. 

  • 6 Video Game News

    Video Game News logo

    Social: Twitter
    Country: America

    Video Game News is a channel dedicated to news, reviews and playthroughs of a number of different video games. The channel went from 111,000 subs in September to 173,000 in November; a growth of over 60k in two months. 

  • 7 DooM Clan

    DooM Clan logo

    Channel: YouTube
    Social: N/A
    Country: Australia

    DooM Clan is a fast rising YouTube channel uploading Call of Duty gameplay, covering titles such as World War II, Black Ops 3, and Infinite Warfare. The channel focuses on bringing top tier gameplay with entertaining commentary. DooM Clan rose from 277k subscribers in September, to 375k in November. With growth like that, we may be seeing the clan hit that sweet 500k very soon. 

  • 8 TicTac

    TicTac logo

    Social: N/A
    Country: Belarus

    TicTac is a YouTube creator mainly focusing on Block Strike, a dynamic FPS game with a similar aesthetic to Minecraft. The channel hit 100k in September, and is currently sitting at 137k, increasing it's subscriber count by almost 50% in 2 months. He also may be the first Belarusian YouTuber we've heard of, too.  

  • 9 Titi Juegos

    Titi Juegos logo

    Social: N/A
    Country: Spain 

    Titi Juegos is a family friendly content creator, with a huge focus on the popular sandbox game, Roblox. She uploads different game modes, guides and update videos, as well as letsplays. The channel hit 229k subscribers in September, and now sits at an impressive 311k after only two months. Consistently covering a game as big as Roblox will see Titi's channel rise much more in the coming months. 

  • 10 Tim Latka

    Tim Latka logo

    Social: Twitter
    Country: Germany 

    Tim Latka is a professional FIFA player for German esports team FC Schalke 04. His personal channel consists of gameplay footage, update videos, and tutorials showing off his skills. Tim's channel hit the silver tier qualifier of 100k in September, and is now resting at 139k. While that's not a huge amount of growth, we reckon Latka's involvement with a popular professional esports group will see him go far next year. 

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