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YouTube's top 10 fastest growing Bronze channels Nov - Feb 2018

YouTube's top 10 fastest growing Bronze channels Nov - Feb 2018

Rapid growth is happening all across YouTube and it’s important to watch the creators that are rising in all of the platform’s sub sections.

Our partners at Matchmade have tracked the channels that have experienced the most growth between November 2017 to Febuary 2018.

This is the pick of the bunch among YouTube Gaming's 'bronze' category, which covers channels from 10,000 to 100,000 subscribers.

There’s a possibility that you haven’t heard of any of them, but with growth like this, it’s fair to assume that this lot are the YouTube micro-influencers you'll need to keep an eye on over Q1. 

The fastest growing channels in 2018 so far between 10,000 and 100k subscribers

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  • 1 Elite Rejects

    Elite Rejects logo

    Channel: YouTube
    Social: N/A
    Country: US 

    Elite Rejects, ran by 'The Ghost', is an American gaming channel. Its main offering is a Grand Theft Auto V roleplaying series. Elite Rejects jumped from a modest 5,093 subscribers at the beginning of November to an impressive 73k in February. 

    It's safe to say that despite being a five year old game, GTAV is still captivating audience, and the reams of customisable features in GTA Online render it ripe for unique content. 

  • 2 GameaholixTV

    GameaholixTV logo

    Channel: Youtube
    Social: Twitter
    Country: Germany

    GameaholixTV is a collective of YouTubers and streamers creating content together. Their videos mainly consist of guides, walkthroughs and updates of popular games, with a recent focus on the sandbox PvP title Fortnite. 

    The channel also sat at 5,792 subscribers in November, rising to 24k in December and 43k in January. Fortnite is still proving to be a popular title and is assisting growth to those who cover it regularly. 

  • 3 HighDistortion

    HighDistortion logo

    Channel: YouTube 
    Social: Twitter
    Country: US

    HighDistortion is a US gaming channel that, much like GameaholixTV, covers a lot of Fortnite, but has also recently expanded into Sea of Thieves coverage also. 

    The channel is only four months old but has managed to amass over 100k subscribers in that time, after hitting 16k in November and 64k in December. High Distortion also streams regularly on Twitch, where he's also built up an impressive 156k followers. 

  • 4 QuinnKnight

    QuinnKnight logo

    Channel: YouTube
    Social: Twitter
    Country: USQuinnknight is a little different to the others so far. This channel is dedicated to all things Star Wars Battlefront II, such as gameplay, tips and tricks, new coverage and updates. 

    This channel hit 12k subscribers in November, before rising to 38k in December and an impressive 65k in January. The series 'How to Not Suck' covering how to play every hero in Battlefront II is proving to be a huge success, gaining at least three times as many views per video as its sub count. 

  • 5 ThaNix229

    ThaNix229 logo

    Channel: YouTube
    Social: Twitter
    Country: Spain

    ThaNix229 is a Spanish gaming channel, covering the likes of Fortnite and Call of Duty both in video and stream format. There's also sprinklings of unboxing videos, vlogs and other games.

    The channel had 11k subscribers back in November, but subsequently shot up to 55k by the end of January, well on its ways to that silver play button. 

  • 6 GianBlox

    GianBlox logo

    Channel YouTube
    Social: Twitter
    Country: Brazil

    Gianblox is a Brazilian gaming channel centered around sandbox game, Roblox. 

    The channel hit 6,444 subscribers back in November, 17k in December, and now rests at 36k. Not as much growth as some of the other channels on this list, but doubling your subscriber base each month is no easy feat for a new channel.

  • 7 Acenix

    Acenix logo

    Channel: YouTube
    Social: Twitter
    Country: Spain

    Acenix is a well presented Spanish channel focusing on sandbox games such as Minecraft and Roblox. Similar to Gianblox, it had 6,463 subs in November, then rose to 17k over christmas, before settling at 32k. 

    Minecraft is still a leading game on YouTube despite experiencing a drop in popularity, and channels are still managing to grow very rapidly if they cover it regularly.

  • 8 SkipNho

    SkipNho logo

    Channel: YouTube
    Social: Twitter
    Country: Brazil 

    SkipNho is a Brazilian gaming channel all about the battle royale phenomenon - Playerunknown's Battlegrounds.

    The channel had 24k subs in November, hit 50k in December and then doubled its audience to a lofty 118k in January. This suggests that PUBG is still absolutely dominating the YouTube space right now.


  • 9 Dario

    Dario  logo

    Channel: YouTube
    Social: Twitter
    Country: France

    Dario is a French YouTuber and streamer, focusing on the likes of Fortnite, Skyrim, and a handful of recent releases.

    He's experiencing a similar growth pattern to a couple of the above channels, having 6,934 subscribers at the end of November, 13k in December, and 30k in January.

  • 10 HuyNoob

    HuyNoob logo

    Channel: YouTube
    Social: Facebook
    Country: Vietnam

    HuyNoob brings our top ten to a close, with a whole load of Minecraft content. The channel sat at 23k subs in November, rose to 54k in December and ended January at 97k.

    HuyNoob has crossed that 100k mark only eight days in to February and looks set to keep on growing. regularly posts content from a variety of guest writers across the games industry. These encompass a wide range of topics and people from different backgrounds and diversities, sharing their opinion on the hottest trending topics, undiscovered gems and what the future of the business holds.