7 Kingdom Hearts creators to check out before KH3 arrives

7 Kingdom Hearts creators to check out before KH3 arrives

This article was originally published in November 2018.

If you know anything about role-playing games or Disney, then chances are you’ve heard about the Kingdom Hearts series.

For those unacquainted, Kingdom Hearts is a major cross-over between the characters of the Final Fantasy franchise from Square Enix and Disney animated films. It’s a widely popular game series with a fan base that is wild and passionate about the games, perhaps a bit too passionate at times.

However, the games themselves have a super complex story and so many installments that you’ll get lost in all the Disney Fantasy craziness. And with the latest numbered entry of the series coming out in January 2019, you might need some help getting ready for it!

The key to knowledge

We’ve compiled a list of the seven awesome Kingdom Hearts creators that you should follow to help get ready for the release of Kingdom Hearts 3. Since there are seven princesses of heart in the Kingdom Hearts games, we’re giving you seven creators to light your way towards everything in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Each of these creators makes a variety of video content that ranges from reviews, previews, theories, news, tutorial videos, and even coverage from big events that have featured the Kingdom Hearts games. Anything you might need to know or catch up on about Kingdom Hearts outside of the games can be found in the content of these creators. Time to unlock the vast knowledge of Kingdom Hearts lore, and deep dive into our list!

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  • TheArcaneKeyblade

    TheArcaneKeyblade logo

    When it comes to breakdowns and profiles of various characters in the Kingdom Hearts series, it can be difficult to find solid videos that give you all the important info you need to know.

    That’s where TheArcaneKeyblade comes in! With an ensemble of videos profiling characters from throughout the Kingdom Hearts series, TheArcaneKeyblade has great content that will aid newcomers to the franchise.

    What’s great about the character profiles on his channel is how detailed, yet simplified they are presented to viewers. The information you’re getting spans the entire series in relation to one character, but you won’t find yourself getting overwhelmed with the amount of ground covered.

    These are great refresher videos that will help anyone get ready for the release of Kingdom Hearts 3, especially if you missed out on playing a few of the spin-off games!

    Alongside this, TheArcaneKeyblade also does Let’s Plays of the Kingdom Hearts games, as well as publish opinion related vlogs about gaming. A great series that TheArcaneKeyblade has is his “Video Game Stories for Dummies” and “What’s Important In” series playlist.

    If you found yourself lost in a specific game story, whether it’s Kingdom Hearts or something else, then these are great videos for you to watch. With everything coming together and possibly reaching a conclusion in Kingdom Hearts 3, we might need TheArcaneKeyblade to help many people get caught up and review a lot of important details.


  • SkywardWing

    SkywardWing logo

    Want to take your love for Kingdom Hearts to new heights? Look no higher than the content posted up by SkywardWing.

    For many years, SkywardWing has covered the Kingdom Hearts series in depth and provided fans with a large amount of intriguing and insightful content. News reactions and hot takes, lore videos and theories, reviews and previews; SkywardWing has done it all.

    In addition to attending events like E3, PAX, and Comic-Con to cover the Disney and Square Enix franchise, SkywardWing has gone as far as playing games tangential to the Kingdom Hearts series and relating them together in his content. 

    Alongside his love for Kingdom Hearts, SkywardWing has also made content on YouTube and Twitch related to cartoons and other video game series. As a side project away from YouTube, SkywardWing also started a Kickstarter for his own cartoon show online, which has a heavy inspiration from the Kingdom Hearts series and Cartoon Network released shows.

    For Kingdom Hearts 3, SkywardWing attended the Square Enix preview event for the game, as well as other gaming industry events to see the game first-hand. As we get closer to the big release of the game, expect to see tons of content from SkywardWing online.

  • TheGamersJoint

    TheGamersJoint logo

    New Zealand-based Jared is one of the few international content creators that has fostered a very large audience based on his Kingdom Hearts related content.

    TheGamersJoint is his channel on YouTube and it includes many videos that cover the Kingdom Hearts series in-depth. He also offers a lot of varying perspective on upcoming releases and specific aspects of the games.

    His content has accumulated hundreds of thousands of subscribers and video views online, all of which are rabid Kingdom Hearts fans looking for his next hot-take on recent news and leaks about Kingdom Hearts.

    Jared has a very easy-going, yet humorous personality that is both relatable to fans of the games and attractive to gaming personalities online.

    Some of Jared’s content also includes tutorials for earlier games and streams over Twitch. His reactions to events in the Kingdom Hearts games can be over-the-top loud and ridiculous but will cause just about anyone to have a good laugh.

    One of the interesting things about TheGamersJoint is his inclusion of unboxing videos for Kingdom Hearts collectibles and figurines. Because of this, Jared has accumulated more than a few key blades to hang on his wall and include in some of his videos.


  • Riconius

    Riconius logo

    Riconius is one of the few channels online that has a heavy focus on Kingdom Hearts, alongside an emphasis on creating and displaying artwork.

    His time-lapse videos of him drawing characters from the Kingdom Hearts universe are fantastic and really showcase some of the creative talent one would find within the fan base.

    Even more so, Riconius hosts various streams of him drawing and talking with the chat about the Kingdom Hearts games, sometimes going incredibly deep into the series lore and other aspects live with fans.

    Outside of the art streams, Riconius also publishes podcast discussions and vlogs giving his input and thoughts about Kingdom Hearts. Occasionally he’ll bring on a guest with him to bounce ideas off and get into great chats about the series.

    Riconius does have a few theories and speculation videos about different parts of the games, including what might happen in Kingdom Hearts 2. If you enjoy seeing a bunch of different content from a creator, then there’s plenty to love on Riconius’ channel.

  • HMK

    HMK logo

    If you want to see some exciting and hype-inducing content online about Kingdom Hearts, then you should be following HMK. HMK loves Kingdom Hearts with an incredible passion, and expresses it in his video content across YouTube and Twitch to an audience well over 100,000 strong.

    Though his content can be a little edgy and brash, his Kingdom Hearts content is informative and interesting to those who are big fans of the cross-over franchise. The Hectic Force, as he calls his fans, as just as wild as he is in his vlogs and streams, but it all comes from a place of genuine affinity and love for the Disney and Square Enix games that he and so many other people love to play.

    In recent years, HMK has covered the Kingdom Hearts series in depth with widely popular theory videos, reactions to trailers and news, as well as plenty of reviews for every game in the series. HMK has also attended many of the official Square Enix events and other big conventions (Like E3 and PAX) featuring Kingdom Hearts 3.

    HMK was one of the few content creators able to attend the Kingdom Hearts 3 preview and get hands-on time with the game before anyone else, to which he gave a preview with his thoughts on how the game is shaping up. It’s safe to say both he and his fans are definitely hyped for its release.


    VTNVIVI logo

    News is a very important part of upcoming games, especially for a series as big and popular as Kingdom Hearts. That being said, there’s plenty of up-to-date analysis and news posted up by VTNVIVI.

    Whether it’s breaking news or the reveal of a new box art or key blade, VTNVIVI is there with sources and hot takes on the latest coming out. The most interesting parts about VTNVIVI are his analysis videos, which go into depth about specific things that would otherwise be glanced over by most people.

    It can be as something as small as a glare or inclusion of a minor character, but VTNVIVI will find something relevant and important worth mentioning to fans.

    VTNVIVI also covers a variety of series like Spyro the Dragon, Sly Cooper, and much more, but don’t expect that to take over his Kingdom Hearts videos. There’s a lot there to love and catch up on if you missed out on any kind of news being released for Kingdom Hearts 3.

    In addition, VTNVIVI also has a bunch of videos dedicated to the mobile game Kingdom Hearts Union X. His breakdown videos and lore summaries are great assets to anyone who needs more details about the ever-growing universe of the franchise.

  • Soraalam1

    Soraalam1 logo

    If you were looking for a good tutorial video on something about the Kingdom Hearts games, then Soraalam1 has you covered very well.

    Soraalam1, run by Dean, is a channel on YouTube that has a big focus on Kingdom Hearts, with a little extra other gaming content mixed in there for fun. Some of Dean’s best videos come from his tutorial series that cover a wide range of topics and help newer players out in some of the tougher areas of the games.

    Want to know how to beat the secret bosses of Kingdom Hearts 2? Then check out the Boss Buster series that Dean made for nearly every major optional boss. Trying to find the easiest way to get the Ultima Keyblade? Then hit up Dean’s tutorial video with every step made easy to understand and execute on.

    When he isn’t making hardcore Kingdom Hearts content, Dean is playing other games like Street Fighter and even a variety of Nintendo games. But the cornerstone of his channel has always remained Kingdom Hearts focused and continues to do so with the impending release of Kingdom Hearts 3 on consoles.

    Dean has attended events like E3 and PAX to cover the series, and even made his way out to California for the Kingdom Hearts 3 preview event to be among the first group to play the game’s demo. When we finally get to play Kingdom Hearts 3 at home, we’re sure we can count on Dean to make more fantastic tutorials for everyone to follow.

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