A six-step guide to promoting your IGTV video using a holistic approach to Instagram

A six-step guide to promoting your IGTV video using a holistic approach to Instagram

The best way for content creators to use Instagram is to take a holistic approach to its various features, says Instagram PM lead Ashley Yuki.

Speaking at VidCon London 2019, Yuki discussed how various elements such as Live, Stories and IGTV.

The latter is one of the latest big features to be integrated into the social platform, enabling long-form video content beyond 60 seconds of footage.

Stories meanwhile has been updated with various features such as countdown stickers, where users can be notified of an upcoming event via a ticker.

Poll and question stickers have also been introduced, enabling content creators to get fans more involved with their content, for example by asking viewers what they want to see in the next video.

Live meanwhile has been updated with a Q&A feature, using stickers to give creators a simpler way of doing questions and answers in-realtime with fans. Creators can now also media share photos with their viewers in real-time.

Best practice

Yuki advised creators that using all of Instagram’s key features is an ideal way to get the most out of the platform. These products aren’t mean to be used in a silo, she said.

The image below shows what Yuki suggested was a best practice for Instagram influencers to promote a new IGTV video.

A six-step guide to utilising Instagram's features when promoting an IGTV video

Using Chelsweets as an example of using these stages, Yuki explained that three days before uploading a new IGTV video, Chelsweets would post some behind the scenes content to Stories to get fans excited.

The two days before, a countdown sticker would go live, giving fans the ability to opt-in for a notification of when the video lands. While the video uploads, she shares a preview on Stories.

Then she can even share it on the web for fans that might not be on Instagram that day to let fans know a new video is incoming.

Lastly, Chelsweets uses Live once the video is up and answers specific fan questions and goes further behind the scenes of how she edited and made the latest video.

“This kind of holistic process that Chelsweets uses we think is really the best-in-class way to use a holistic route of different ways of sharing on Instagram that really work together very well,” said Yuki.

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