Takumi study aims to show influencer marketing isn't an 'over-hyped fad'

Takumi study aims to show influencer marketing isn't an 'over-hyped fad'

Influencer-marketing agency Takumi has published the results of a survey of British PR and marketing professionals which it hopes will scotch suggestions that its field of marketing is a short-term fad.

The company asked 600 people in the PR and marketing world about their budgets for the next 12 months, and found 9% saying they plan to spend more than £100k on influencer marketing, with 20% planning to spend £10k-£100k, and 39% planning to spend up to £10k.

"A lot of people are saying that influencer marketing is an over-hyped fad – that there’s no ROI and it’ll soon disappear. But as these results show, it is clear influencer marketing is here to stay," said CEO Matz Stigzelius "Brands recognise its value and are therefore dedicating big budgets towards it."

Takumi's focus is on micro-influencer marketing, so it should come as no surprise to find its survey generating positive data on that part of the industry.

Just over two thirds of respondents said they prefer to work with influencers who have fewer than 250,000 followers, although given the fact that 91% have budgets of less than £100k for the next year set aside for influencer marketing, this does not come as a surprise.

Takumi's survey also found that 61% of respondents felt confident that they can now accurately measure the performance and return on investment of their influencer-marketing campaigns, although only 26% believe it's more effective than traditional advertising.

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