YouTube's latest influencer is... its own CEO Susan Wojcicki

YouTube's latest influencer is... its own CEO Susan Wojcicki

The latest wannabe influencer on YouTube might have an advantage over the competition: she's also the company's CEO.

YouTube boss Susan Wojcicki has taken the wraps off her new personal channel on the service with "My First Video", and she has roped in some of the network's most famous faces to help.

"Welcome to my new-and-improved YouTube channel. For my first video, I asked a few creators to give me some advice on getting started," wrote Wojcicki in the description of the video, which at the time of writing has nearly 158k views.

Among the creators popping up in the video are Rhett & Link, Bethany Mota, Boyce Avenue, Lele Pons, Kevin Lieber, AmazingPhil and Hollywood star-turned-YouTuber The Rock, all offering their advice.

Wojcicki is planning to publish regular videos on her channel, although it remains to be seen whether she uses it as a space to talk about YouTube's business or to showcase its creators – few of whom would say no to a collab when the CEO calls.

Who knows, perhaps she'll jump on the Let's Play gaming bandwagon or diversify into ASMR. In any case, Wojcicki's channel launch fits neatly into one of Google's core tenets: the art of 'dogfooding', short for 'eating your own dog food' which is Silicon Valley speak for actually using your own product.

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