Premium YouTube TV content will become part of Google's ad network

Premium YouTube TV content will become part of Google's ad network

In a bid to ease the worries of advertisers, YouTube will add content from YouTube TV in to it's advertisement program. 

Videos on YouTube TV are heavily monitored and vetted by the company, and so adding inventory from the service will hopefully alleviate some concerns advertisers may have about inappropriate content.

Brand safety

Brands have become increasingly wary of YouTube after several cases of their products appearing next to offensive or inappropriate content. This caused a slew of companies to pull their brands from the platform last year. 

Even creators in Google Preferred have contributed to the adpocalypse. Thanks, Logan Paul.

Google will pitch the move to add premium TV content to marketers this week, as part of the NewFronts season. Trusted channels owned by companies such as CBS Corp, 21st Century Fox, Wait Disney Co. and NBC Universal are already part of YouTube TV. 

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