Amazontube? A potential new YouTube rival on the horizon

Amazontube? A potential new YouTube rival on the horizon

Amazon Technologies, Inc. has filed two trademarks requests with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for something known as "Amazontube," and another called "Opentube."

The request details the proposed product as a 'Software and a mobile software application for transmitting, accessing, receiving, uploading, downloading, encoding, decoding and streaming' among other things, which sounds an awful lot like a YouTube clone.

Amazon and Google have been in quite the feud for a while, and things look set to get spicier if the murmurs are true.

Google announced earlier this month that it had blocked the use of YouTube on Amazon's Echo Show and Fire TV, and will continue to unless Amazon is willing to collaborate with Google on a YouTube app for its devices.

Additionally, it states that it will "enable users to share content, photos videos, text, data, images and other electronic works." and lists a number of genres from gaming, to music, fashion, and technology. Although there's no confirmation yet, it does sound like the planning stages of a rival video platform that will rely on community uploads.

While nothing is confirmed yet, the launch of a video platform from Amazon will be interesting, as Amazon Prime is already an established streaming platform. 


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