Twitch launches Stream On game show for platform partners

Twitch launches Stream On game show for platform partners

Amazon’s livestreaming service Twitch is launching its own game show, Stream On, which will spotlight emerging broadcasters on its platform.

The show will debut in March 2018, and will see Twitch streamers competing against one another in “challenges designed to test important streamer skills”.

The action will be hosted on their channels, with Twitch Studios running a weekly recap and elimination show.

A panel of judges will rate the contestants, X Factor style, but Twitch viewers will also get to have their say on who gets eliminated in what the company is describing as a “friendly competition”. The winner will be paid $5k a month for a year as their prize.

“Right now, Twitch Studios is looking for the most entertaining, competitive streamers, with great personality and lots of potential,” explained Twitch in a blog post announcing the show.

This first series will only be open to streamers from the US, Canada and UK that are already partnered with Twitch. The platform says it wants to enlist “streamers who are right on the cusp of making streaming full-time a possibility” rather than established stars or people just starting out, or those who’ve yet to reach Twitch ‘partnership’ status.

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