Leaked documents suggest Amazon is boosting influencer marketing efforts

Leaked documents suggest Amazon is boosting influencer marketing efforts

Amazon looks to be upping its game with its influencer program.

When content creators or bloggers make content online, they can join up with Amazon’s program to make money off links shared that lead to various Amazon product pages.

The program allows influencers to make custom URLs to products that best fit with their audience and brand for their content, which can turn into commission for those that sign up.

A document leaked by Business Insider shows the specifics of the terms for those that sign up with the program, as well as the categories where Amazon wants influencers to focus their efforts on selling.

The program is based on a fixed model of what is sold, giving influencers a certain percentage. For context, commissions can be as high as 10 per cent or as low as 1 per cent, depending on the type of products being pushed. This includes items like Amazon’s private fashion line and many popular video game consoles and technology.

High commission

Amazon is reportedly only paying out influencers who bring in customers who buy, rather than just paying out those who get the word out about products.

It is historically a common practice for influencers to try and boost their audience and follower numbers through various means in order to charge higher rates for their services. However, Amazon’s approach only rewards the influencers who close the deal with their audiences.

The leaked document shows that Amazon wants influencers to recommend products, write reviews and find ways to leverage their audience and drive traffic.

When reporting on the news, Business Insider mentioned how the commission paid out to influencers that push Amazon’s private fashion label are similar to how brands like Levi’s offer commission rates around 10 per cent.

Because of this, we may see a surge of influencers across various platforms join up with Amazon’s program and implement much of what was leaked out throughout the new year.

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