Vyrl launches CuratedBy - a hub to organise social media influence

Vyrl launches CuratedBy - a hub to organise social media influence

Social community Vyrl has launched a new platform aimed at influencers.

CuratedBy is a new platform for social media personalities to collate their reach from individual channels. 

The app curates all social media posts, portfolios, websites, products, merchandise and more into one single feed, which allows followers to find all of an influencer's work in one place. It also helps influencers monetise their work more effectively.

As well as hosting social media profiles from the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the app will also host external links to blogs and online portfolios.

Speaking to The Influencer News, David Perry, former Sony executive and now the CEO of Vyrl, Inc., discussed about the concept of CuratedBy.

"After 30-plus years in the video game industry, I just had to learn more about this evolving social media space. In the game industry, we always stood with the developers."

"Here, we stand with the creators, and we are building every piece of technology they ask for. CuratedBy is the most essential piece of technology they need to thrive right now."

How does it work?

Influencers and creators can head to the CuratedBy website and claim their existing username. 

After connect their page with their socials, users can then begin adding external content to their profiles, as well as having the ability to fully customise the page to match their personal brand.


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