ROI Influencer Media can calculate the worth of influencers based on data

ROI Influencer Media can calculate the worth of influencers based on data

ROI Influencer Media is bringing a new tool to the influencer marketing space

Their ROI Influencer Score feature utilises proprietary algorithms to calculate and organise the most influential creators on their respective platforms.

The tool will collect data such as likes, shares, video views and retweets, as well as an influencer's demographic and the general reach of their posts. 

An influencer's follower count will also be displayed, but the influencer score will take all of the above information to determine the worth of an influencer based on engagement, relevancy and interest.

Big dogs

ROI lists the most effective influencers on their website. For example, actor Ryan Reynolds was Facebook's best influencer in February based on the statistics gathered by the feature. 

Musician Camila Cabello was Twitter's most effective influencer last month, and Riverdale's Lili Reinhart dominated Instagram.

“The follower count was a very good 2013-2017 marker but now with the score, it no longer is,” CEO of ROI Influencer Media Seth Kean said, speaking to Adweek.

“There’s no reason to guess or philosophise on who the influencer is and how they’re performing.”

According to Kean, the platform holds the data of 30,000 influencers. His next goal is to get brands acquainted with the data and how to use it to their advantage. 





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