Twitch is adding analytics that will allowing developers to track how their games are performing

Twitch is adding analytics that will allowing developers to track how their games are performing

Streaming behemoth Twitch is going to be providing more information to game makers moving forward.

The firm has announced the roll out of its Game Analytics API or the game dashboard on the Twitch Developer site, which will let studios see data such as how their game looks on Twitch, how many personalities are streaming their project as well as how many people are watching them.

In addition, Twitch will be letting developers see just how long their game is being streamed for, and how long consumers are watching. The firm is promising more insights for studios moving forwards, too.

More information about how game makers can access these new insights can be found here.

"This is just the first step our TwitchDev Insights team is taking to provide you with actionable insights and recommendations for your games," senior product manager Kristin Chen wrote.

"In future iterations, we’ll work towards providing more detailed metrics and an interactive dashboard that will help you understand how to grow your reach on Twitch, create better targeted content, or design in-game and on-Twitch experiences for your community."

As streaming platforms like Twitch become more and more important, it's important that developers have access to information to best help them market their titles in this brave new world.

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