AdHive partners with BitRewards in a bid to drive sales via influencer marketing

AdHive partners with BitRewards in a bid to drive sales via influencer marketing

Influencer marketing platform AdHive has teamed up with blockchain resource BitRewards in order to refine their e-commerce strategy.

AI powered AdHive utlilises tech to pair advertisers with relevant influencers. The AI recognises when an influencer has completed an endorsement and automatically pays them with no need for human vetting.

Crypto power

BitRewards is a service designed to entice online shoppers in to purchasing online, by rewarding them with BIT tokens. The company claims that this method has driven sales by 17 per cent on average.

AdHive and BitReward's partnership is designed to benefit both parties equally. AdHive gains access to the roster of e-commerce stores that are doing business through BitRewards, and influencers connected to AdHive will be able to share crpytocurrency bonuses with their audience.

AdHive and BitReward are also currently collaborating on BitRecommendations - an AI system built to collect data to help small to medium-sized businesses on both platforms.

Influencer marketing is still skyrocketing. According to a study from Linqia, 36 per cent of marketers will look to mix influencer content with e-commerce in 2018. 

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