You can get Ninja pants now

You can get Ninja pants now

You’ve subscribed to him on Twitch and you wish him sweet dreams every night on Twitter, but how can you really demonstrate your love for Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins? Obviously the answer, in The Year of Our Lord 2018, is merch.

The Twitch superstar has teamed up with underwear manufacturer PSD to produce branded pants, ensuring the Fortnite legend is always close. To your groin. It doesn't get any better from here folks, so if groin and/or crotch humour isn't your thing then its probably best to check out.

Trying to fill a paragraph about pants in an unusual challenge, but here we go: The pants go by the name of ‘Ninja Storm’ [insert flatulence gag]. They are of boxer brief design and are made from 88 per cent polyester and 12 per cent spandex. This, the blurb says, allows for a “breathable athletic feel”.

Hmm. Surely cotton is the best breathable option? Although cotton briefs will admittedly contain your, erm, thingy (?) less well. They also boast a “contoured sealed pouch”. Hmmmmm. “Flex fit flatlock seams”? Legit don’t know. “Tagless/seamless back”. OK. “7-inch inseam”. Only seven inches? Etc. “Wide soft elastic waistband”. Now we’re talking. Comfort > fashion every time.


They cost $25 per pair which seems insane. Either that or we’re about to discover that we’re massive pants cheapskates. 3 for £10 at our local supermarket is all we're saying, ok? It looks like discount codes will be given out on stream, however. Discount codes for pants. That sweet engagement.

Apparently, women’s designs are also on the way as well as a wider Ninja Collection, but we’re hoping that happens on a busy news day and we don’t have to write that one up.