UK teenagers are tuning out of broadcast TV and heading online

UK teenagers are tuning out of broadcast TV and heading online

Teenagers are watching an hour of YouTube content a day on average, according to a new report from UK communications regulator Ofcom.

The report claims that typically people watch around five hours of content a day. Of that, 71 per cent is from broadcast TV, while the remaining 29 per cent is spent on services like YouTube, Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Among 16 to 34 year olds, YouTube made up the highest proportion of non-broadcast viewing.

Most interesting however was the claim that this generation watched more non-broadcast content a day (an average of two hours 37 minutes across all devices) then broadcast (an average of two hours 11 minutes).

TV in decline

Overall the time being spent on watching traditional TV has declined over the past six years with streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Sky’s Now TV becoming more popular. The average time spent watching TV is now just under three and a half hours a day on average.

"Today's research finds that what we watch and how we watch it are changing rapidly, which has profound implications for UK television,” said Ofcom chief exec Sharon White.

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