YouTube CEO details growth but avoids comments on the site's major issues

YouTube CEO details growth but avoids comments on the site's major issues

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki has continued her regular updates about the platform, discussing growth and improving communication with creators.

The update highlights five creator priorities that the site has for the remainder of 2018, alongside a video.

However, the post pushes aside a lot of issues affecting creators and fails to acknowledge crucial steps that haven’t happened to fix important aspects.

Creator insider

Recently, a new channel launched titled Creator Insider, which was unofficially started by employees at YouTube. Videos on this channel include weekly updates and responses to various concerns, with an aim to promote transparency on the platform.

VidCon this year saw YouTube announce a number of new features to the site, including channel memberships and merch sales. Channel memberships are currently available to a number of creators and is to be expanded to even more creators in the coming months.

Growth was also highlighted in this recent update, it stated that monthly login is now at 1.9 billion, with over 180 million hours of YouTube being watched on TV screens daily. Likes and comments are also reported to have increased by 60 per cent over recent years.

In June, the last update highlighted a new copyright tool which helps content creators into finding copies of their content and to help get it dealt with accordingly.

Educational content has also increased in popularity on YouTube and a new initiative that goes by the name of YouTube Learning will offer grants and promotion to support the content creators that focus on education. The learning content team is also due to be expanded to build upcoming features for educational creators.

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