Twitch is broadcasting K-dramas throughout August

Twitch is broadcasting K-dramas throughout August

Twitch has announced that throughout August, it will be bringing a large selection of Korean drama series to the platform.

Korean entertainment has been massively on the rise over recent years with musical talent such as PSY, BTS, Blackpink and Girls’ Generation taking the limelight with hit songs such as Gangnam Style, Mic Drop and Catch Me If You Can.

The shows will be broadcasted on the channel Twitch Presents. The event will run from August 1st up until August 25th with shows airing everything Wednesday-Saturday starting at 10am PT/1pm ET.

Twitch is partnering up with Korean drama and variety show host DramaFever in order to air episodes from a number of series', including Goblin: The Lonely and Great God and My Sassy Girl. As well as this, full series' will be run of shows such as Boys Over Flowers and Jealousy Incarnate.

The streaming platform primarily focuses on gaming however recently, it has branched out into more programming by airing shows like Doctor Who and Power Rangers.

“Because crossover appeal exists between fans of K-dramas and some of the popular content on Twitch, like Anime, we are fortunate that DramaFever has so many great K-dramas to share with our community,” said Twitch director of business development Jane Weedon.

“Making this event even better is that it’s the first time new and existing K-drama fans in North America and Latin America get to enjoy this type of programming with the interactive appeal of Twitch chat for a shared real-time experience.”

Both new and old K-drama fans will able to experience the variety of series shown alongside the real time chat. The programs range from melodramas to rom coms. However, viewing is restricted to North America, Canada and Latin America.

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