MAC teams up with a dozen influencers to promote new lipstick range

MAC teams up with a dozen influencers to promote new lipstick range

MAC Cosmetics has announced a new partnership with influencers in order to promote a new lipstick line.

The new program is launching together with MAC’s Maker lipstick collection and will see 12 influencers across the world working with the company.

Each influencer will have a specific regional market to target: Nyma Tang for the U.S., Patricia Bright for the U.K., Maine Mendoza on the Philippines etcetera. Other regions they will promote in are Canada, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, the Middle East, Germany and Spain.

Glam warpaint

Each influencer worked together with the company to create custom colours and unique packaging for the launch, and they will promote their own branded MAC Maker lipstick. The first one to be released will be Tang’s, with the date for the roll-out online and in select locations being set as September 13th.

MAC’s strategy for collaborations has changed since they debuted the Viva Glam collections in collaboration with the MAC AIDS fund in the 1990s, and they have since worked together with celebrities like Rihanna and Mariah Carey - the former’s line sold out in 24 hours.

According to the company, the collaborations can take anywhere between six to 24 months, depending on what vision for the product and the packaging the partner has.

MAC has prior experience of working with influencers. A notable example would be the partnership with Patrick Starrr. The #MACPatrickStarrr hashtag earned $7.6 million earned media value (EMV) between 250 unique representatives. Starrr alone accounted for $3.6 million EMV, and the MAC x Patrick Starrr collection earned $10.9 million from 447 ambassadors.

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