The biggest Fortnite influencer in the world blames parents for their kids being addicted to Fortnite

The biggest Fortnite influencer in the world blames parents for their kids being addicted to Fortnite

Earlier this week, Bloombergreleased a report that said parents are sending their kids to rehab over Fortnite.

Video game addiction is an on-going debate, alongside common takes that gaming is dangerous and leads to antisocial behaviour. While it's recognised as an actual medical disorder now, a stigma still surrounds violent titles. 

Fortnite is the biggest phenomenon in gaming since Minecraft, and it's taken the younger generation by storm. There are countless tales of parents struggling to detach their offspring from their consoles, alongside complaints of kids sacrificing sleep, school and socialising for one more round of the battle royale game.

Additionally, countless online influencers have taken to covering the game. Most of the biggest streamers and YouTubers are finding fame and fortune by playing Fortnite, none more so than Twitch star Ninja.

Control your kids

Bloomberg released a video detailing that some kids are playing Fortnite for 12 hours a day. Ninja hit back at the outlet via Twitter, saying that the video should have been titled "terrible parents don't know how to take their kids' gaming system away".

The streamers response prompted Bloomberg to release a follow-up post with tips on how parents can limit their children's' Fortnite time.

While Ninja may have a point, he's not entirely excluded from the conversation. The streamer brings in an audience of around 50,000 every time he goes live on Twitch, and it's fair to assume that some of them are kids that can't get enough of Fortnite. 


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