Ninja breaks his "no-women" rule to play Fortnite with Ellen DeGeneres

Ninja breaks his "no-women" rule to play Fortnite with Ellen DeGeneres

Twitch streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins teamed up with yet another big-name duos partner in Fortnite last week, namely Ellen DeGeneres.

The professional gamer might have a personal rule against broadcasting with female streamers, but that hasn’t stopped him making an appearance on last week’s Ellen DeGeneres show.

In a short segment (available on YouTube, below), Blevins ran DeGeneres through the basics of Epic Games’ battle royale phenomenon.

Settling on the streaming moniker Ellie D, the pair attempt to make friends through dancing, before DeGeneres ultimately meets her end at the hands of - apparently - NFL star Dez Bryant.

Be generous

Before the show host even hits the ground, Blevins jokes that the pair had probably made “about $5,000” so far.

The streamer then dives into the basics of how gameplay broadcasters make a living online, lightly touching on things like concurrent viewers and ad revenue.

This isn’t the first time Blevins has brought Fortnite into the public eye, of course. The streamer reached over 630k concurrent viewers earlier this year while playing with rapper Drake, in a broadcast regarded as instrumental in Fortnite’s mainstream assimilation.

In March, however, Blevins landed in hot water over the use of a racial slur on-stream - quickly followed by a public apology. As mentioned above, while his no-women rule may be grounded in good intentions, it still rings of sexist attitudes towards women in the streaming space.

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